We all have experienced feelings of helplessness when we encounter suffering and sickness in those whom we love. One of the things we can do is to place them in the hands of Jesus relying on his comfort and healing. Below are prayer intentions for our community. To be added to the list, simply email the prayer request to newmancenter@buffalostate.edu, and the list will be updated weekly.

Please hold in prayer:

Livia Cammarano, Terry Castanza, Judith Cieslinski, Jennifer Curtis, Tim Day, Jeff Dirr, Mark Drajem, Barbara Faust, Tom Fischer, Mike Fletcher, Evelyn Girardi, Shamila Holloway, Emmett Jakubowski, Jackie Johnson, Mike Kurzdorfer, Thomas Latona, Mary Lauria, Aiden Magr, Andrew Mangan, Akimbo Mann, Rafael de Monteverde, Rosalba Mucciarella, Donna Neureuther, Mark Niewiemski Sr., Kathy O’Leary, Theresa Olszewski, Rose Pagano, Shirley Ptak, Courtney Robarge, Michael Schmidt, Don Schwartz, Robert Shevlet, Jeannie Snyder-Shevrin, Mark Walsh, Cathy Simpson Werth, and Mark Zello.