“Constant Is My Hope In You, O God”
We invite you to spend the month of November in prayer with us. We pray for our loved ones and the yearnings of our souls for God. All our loved ones are part of what the Church calls “The Communion of Saints.” The Church celebrates these saints in a special and significant way through the feast days of All Saints & All Souls day. Join us for a month-long celebration of those who are with God through a virtual Book of Remembrance on our website. To add names of your loved ones, simply email the newmancenter@buffalostate.edu, and the Newman Community will pray for all those names inscribed during the month of November.

Please keep in prayer:

The Beiter Family, Lawrence Bisone, Kelly , Pat and Joe Catasein, Judge and Mrs. Ernest L. Colucci, Colucci Family, Joseph and Victoria Dorczak, Vincent Frandina, Robert Gallant, John and Eleanor Galucki, Nancy Heyer, The Italiano Family, Agnes, Alden and Shirley Lord, Joseph Krug,Doris Miller, Lucas Purser, Richard Santa Maria, Deceased Sisters of St. Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, Olga, Gene, Michael Valentic, Eileen Vella, Thelma Windell, and Kathy Wright